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Bungee Fitness


OMG! What a exciting and fun and great workout! The mix of upper body and lower body movements that traditionally would be boring it now fun. We sing, laugh, and dance all while doing our workout routine. There no other class like it. 



As a kid, I was in a major accident which prevented me from doing exercises like squats, push ups and pull ups. Though that may sound like hard work, the Bungee Fitness class helps me to do all those and more!

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I love Bungee Fitness ! I can hardly believe how quickly it help me. When I first began the class, I had a hard time with my balance and in 3 sessions, I was balancing on 1 leg1 And the upper body strength that I gained is amazing1

Here's what some of our clients say
about their 
Bungee Fitness experience.

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