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What Your Favorite Tea Says About Your Personality

Would you believe that your preferred type of tea may also reveal something about your personality?

Here are a few ways to tell what your cup of tea says about you:

Green Tea - Health-conscious, calm, and determined are some personality traits that green tea lovers may have. Active people enjoy this tea as it may help boost one's energy and reach their fitness and weight loss goals more quickly.

Lavender tea - If you opt for lavender tea at the end of the day, you are a soft and tender person who seeks beauty in life and loves pampering. This tea may be therapeutic since it promotes sleep and reduces anxiety.

Black tea - Black tea projects a simple yet energetic personality, curious, productive, and usually assertive personality. It is often the choice of busy people to help kick-start their day.

Chamomile tea - Chamomile tea is known to uplift mood and works as an anti-depressant and relaxant. Individuals with a sense of balance, calm, and peace love this form of tea. It may also indicate that the individual is idealistic and deeply sensitive.

Peppermint tea - Your love for peppermint would signify your desire for purity, healing, and clarity. If you drink peppermint tea frequently, you are a gentle person with a get-it-done attitude.

Chai tea - Just like the spices that go into your favorite chai cup, you have a sassy and complex character. If you love chai, it might mean you're a socializer and a passionate human being who isn't afraid to speak your mind and stand up for your beliefs.

Earl Grey tea - Like your tea of choice, you have a strong personality. Individuals who love drinking Earl Grey tea tend to value efficiency and productivity.

Tea is a beverage that you can always enjoy with your "me" time. The next time you hold a cup of tea, think about how it may affect your personality, too.

Which cup of tea fits your personality?

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