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Why You Should Drink Water After Waking Up

As you know, water provides plenty of benefits, but did you know that there are even more significant benefits when you drink water on an empty stomach? The Japanese, known as one of the healthiest people, drink water immediately after waking up.

When you sleep, your body loses fluids and electrolytes in several ways, such as snoring, breathing, sleeping in a room with dry air, having night sweats, and many other factors. Overnight, the body can become relatively dehydrated. After going several hours without a sip, a serving of water first thing can hydrate the body while aiding digestion and metabolism.

Here are some of the benefits of drinking water after waking up:

Make Your Skin Glow

By drinking enough water, you may fight against various skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema. It does this by aiding in removing toxins from the body by your digestive system. Your complexion will consequently improve, giving you more radiant, healthier skin.

Help You Lose Weight

Water, according to science, may aid with weight loss in several ways. It could help you lose weight by suppressing your appetite, stimulating your metabolism, reducing your overall liquid calorie intake, and making exercise more effective.

Boosts Your Metabolism

Water is essential to life and is one of the simplest ways to boost metabolism. Your metabolism can increase by up to 25% for nearly an hour after drinking water. Drinking a couple of cups of water every hour may keep your metabolism at peak performance all day long.

Wash Away GERD Symptoms

A few sips of water may help when heartburn symptoms start to appear. This can result from water's ability to neutralize acids and flush them from the esophagus. The pH of water is 7, which is neutral - providing relief by diluting the more acidic stomach juices.

Help Prevent Kidney Stones and Bladder Infections

Similar to how it works for heartburn, the water will dilute the stomach acidity reducing the likelihood of kidney stones. Drinking more water also helps your body eliminate toxins, lowering your bladder infection risk.

Supports Your Immune System

Drinking water first thing in the morning flushes out the stomach and therefore balances the lymphatic system. If we have a healthy lymphatic system, it will contribute to the development of a strong immune system to prevent us from getting sick as often.

While drinking water on an empty stomach has several health benefits, remember that it's also crucial to stay hydrated throughout the day. Make it a habit to drink water first thing in the morning and discover how it can rejuvenate you and your health more than you can imagine.

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